Poignant and touching . . . . This should be seen by every politician, teacher, all hypocritical religious zealots, etc., etc. ! !

A bit of information:

Once in a while you get an email yhat you just wish to share with everyone……this is one of them. Very short. Worth the watch.

This summer (2010), Philips and director/producer Sir Ridley Scott launched a global filmmaking competition dubbed “Tell It Your Way” following its Cannes Lions award-winning short-film project “Parallel Lines.”

The entrants were given freedom of expression and could take up any theme they wanted. There were two strict rules—

The dialogue could be precisely six-lines (as it was in the “Parallel Lines” films), and entries could not exceed three minutes.

Here's the prize-winning entry in Philips' "Tell It Your Way" competition. Easy to see how it impressed and touched the judges. Watch it here: