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An open letter to Bill Dwyer, Los Angeles Times

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  • An open letter to Bill Dwyer, Los Angeles Times

    D21 An open letter to Bill Dwyer, Los Angeles Times

    An open letter to Bill Dwyer, Los Angeles Times
    Found in my Inbox this morning; and, with a Challenge worth passing along!
    Sent: 4/11/2010 10:47:32 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time
    Subj: Re: LA Times and Track and Field Coverage/marketing/entertainment perspective
    Dear Bill:
    Below is the email I first sent with your wrong address. Here is a second email with additions since my morning marketing run.
    I am in the film and entertainment business. Many of our clients such as Warner Bros., Sony, Paramount, etc.. in film, are cutting back on print and radio. Many many reasons as you well know, so I did want to take one sport that WAS a Times staple and bitch and gripe to you about NO coverage. You get a million of those from every swimmer, 10k runner, and Dodgeball player in town. So below was my typical gripe from a typical reader about his/her favorite sport that gets nothing. Not fair to you and a lazy attempt by me.
    So let's go deeper on track and field and let me say that I bet a dollar to a donut that no major track meet is issuing wire release press releases on a major event via PR News wire or Bacon's. (no need to answer). I bet, as Alice on one side of the mirror, no one is letting the Times know of the event marketing plan and chances for the Times to participate in pre-event exclusives. On the other side, your tail end, I know great writers exist such as Diane Pucin that knows track. Her Olympic Trials coverage for track was delicate, intrusive, exciting, and educational.
    Okay, to your point - most of your readership does not know the difference between yards to meters in track and when that happened or why. There is most likely today very little understanding of the Pole Vault, its beginnings, the shot - evolving from the slide to the spin, the triple jump and why do it, the long jump (on this one everyone will know - we can agree), etc. You get where I am going here. On the other hand, my track side, a great deal of this is because of the loss of pointed media coverage in doses to educate. Track and Field is exciting if the events are loaded with talent and if the stands are full. The stands cannot be full if no one knows about the event and the talent will not always be there if the meet cannot afford to pay the talent and if not a pro meet - well every college athlete wants a good cheer.
    A challenge:
    I propose to you a test that leads up to the fabulous and legendary UCLA - USC dual meet at the lovely Drake Stadium set for May 1st. There is even a post meet social where you and the crew can mix and mingle with greats such as Mike Tully, Jim Bush, Clim Jackson, James McCallister, Rafer Johnson, so many more.
    The schedule and in working with the UCLA marketing department as well, plus our side supplies you with legendary interviews and sport facts and dual meet facts from greats such as Rich Perleman.
    Tuesday - world history of track and field to the present, Olympic Games, Major Records, and more - a real detailed expose from dirt to tartan and from yards to meters.
    Wednesday - A boffo piece on major world track and field meets - Zurich, Koln, Koblenz, Berlin, Paris, Rome then USA - history. Evolution of the sport to indoors as well. A very nice touch to showcase the major world meets - oohhhh my think about what has happened in Europe - Coe, Cram, Ovett, the evolution of the Mile...and more...then home on this piece to the evolution of USA track - indoors, Pepsi, Sunkist, San Diego, Millrose, and outdoors - from dirt to tartan we do it here.
    Thursday - second in a piece exploring Wednesday's history with even a greater focus on famous USA post college and college performances.
    Friday - history of the famed USC - UCLA dual meet. A real mouth foamer. Go with me on this. Why are we doing this? Because I certainly don't want a dog and UCLA is delivering a pristine track and field stadium, full scale pro football size scoreboard with immediate electronic timing, an amazing view, trees, campus in site, concessions, ample parking, and a savvy savvy track audience at the core.
    Saturday - Event Schedule and Times Dope Sheet - divide your editorial staff one picks USC and one picks and women. Lot's of fun.
    Finally, what would it take and what are your editorial needs to make this happen as far as access to data and research?
    Brian Theriot
    Vice President
    Entertainment Marketing
    Escher Creative & Entertainment Marketing,Theriot & Associates
    (949) 632-4650 cell - PRIMARY (mobile email & primary email)
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