This family of forums,,
is now, in a limited manner . . . open!

This forum is open for posting; however,
the structure is still incomplete, which means
new members can have a say in the
structure, rules, and procedure.

The official launch of will be
no sooner than March 1 and no later than March 24, 2008.

Early members will be recognized
in a special post.
You can only be so designated if you
join NOW.

Please suggest forums or topics that
you would like to see included.

There will be many shortcuts and navigational aids
that are not as yet programmed.
("Click" the Dialogue21 banner at the top of every page
to return to the Forum Home Page.
Use the Forum Jump scroll window at
the bottom of all posts and sub-forums.)

If you have any particular difficulty in finding
your way about the forum,
let us know.

The forum home page can be accessed at either:
or for the typing challenged and
those that don’t set “favorite places.”

The forum will be a platform for
open discussion of diverse, inter-disciplinary dialogue
that will be open to all avant-garde expression.

There will be few rules beyond civil discourse,
which basically means limiting ad hominem or
overly histrionic rhetoric, opinions, and argument.

Posts may not be duplicated and
must start a Thread or advance their Thread.

Egregious digression from the topic will be
deleted, moved to a new thread,
or held in the "contamination" area
at the moderator's discretion.

All postings must be in English
to accommodate the majority of Viewers.
Forum moderators cannot be expected to read
most foreign languages to properly do their jobs.
Commonly used foreign exclamations
and short quotes are excepted.

Content that has been deleted can be
recalled, upon request,
by the moderator for 30 days
after deletion.

The intent of this Family of Forums is to
scrupulously avoid censorship,
while maintaining civility.

All suggested general topics will be considered.
Topic moderators may be recommended.

ENJOY!!! Help us improve.
We hope to be of a service to you.