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Procedures for finding classmates

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  • Procedures for finding classmates

    Procedures for finding classmates

    To find classmates, check to see if any of your schools are listed by "clicking" on the "Thread" link in the upper-left of the forum, Classmates or this line. (You can also "click" the Classmates link above this post.) Clicking will alphabetize the posts by the first letter of the title.

    If your school is not listed, start a new Thread and list your school in the title with any posted comments that you prefer.

    Search engines should find your post by the title or content of the post.

    If requested, you can have a Private Posting Area (PPA) for your school with, if you like, a password. Each member, after applying and being accepted for a PPA, will be given a logo to "click" that can be included in any post and a password to access the PPA.

    With a PPA, you and others with the password, can post announcements for the friends you meet here or other friends and classmates that you give the password to.

    Note: You can include favorite teachers!

    Any posts can be edited or deleted by the person posting.

    It is reccommended that you do not use a recognizeable name for your member name. If you are posting in a none Private Posting Area (PPA), search engine may pick up any words that are in your post.
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