Joseph "Joe" Anthony McKenna (Jr.)
……..[3-23-1943 Boston, Massachusetts; 12-26-2009 Joshua Tree, California]

Joseph Anthony McKenna was born March 23, 1943 in Boston, Massachusetts, to Joseph McKenna Sr. and Gladys (Quigley) McKenna Stiff.

He died December 26, 2009 at Hi-Desert Continuing Care Center in Joshua Tree, California, after a long disabling illness.

After the sudden death of his father in 1955, Joe's family moved to California. Directly upon graduation from 29 Palms High School in 1960, he joined the Army, serving 3 years in Germany during the Berlin Wall Crisis, establishing his veteran status.

In 1977 Joe brought his young family to Redding, California where he resided for 30 years. His many years of work in masonry will remain his legacy.

Joe was preceded in death by his father, Joseph, and mother, Gladys. He is survived by his sister, Leah (McKenna) Marconi of Lindsay, California, his brother, Douglas McKenna, of Red Bluff, California, and his sister, Cindy Stiff Martin, of San Diego, California.

Surviving children are Keri Lucas Glover of Colorado, Joseph Paul McKenna of Redding, Andrea Katherine McKenna of San Jacinto, California, Cameron Mckenna Stevenson of Red Bluff and 8 grandchildren.

Joe is also survived by long time friends, David Stacey and Mary Jane Binge.

There is no planned service at this time.

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Joe McKenna holding Cameron “Cami” McKenna

Joe McKenna

2 years old

Joe Mckenna, Andrea McKenna-Peet, and Cami McKenna

29 Palms, California

Joe McKenna, Mary Jane Binge, and Dave Stacey

High school friends that cared for Joe in his last years.
29 Palms, California

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