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It's not easy to live your dream

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  • It's not easy to live your dream


    Itís not easy to live your dream

    Why is it that the journey to
    happiness is paved with sorrow?
    Itís not about the mountain top.
    Without struggle, thereís no triumph.

    A most worthy goal must be sought.
    Much introspection is required.
    Experience gives certainty.
    True happiness requires sorrow.

    ~Brunardot, November 20, 2013
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    Re: It's not easy to live your dream

    Lord may you bless me with some money. Im bored of the way I live. Thank you for my life its realy great but I have a few idea and money can make my dreams come true. Im thinking that if my idea come to life I will make my world apart of heaven. My idea of heaven is greater than i can put into word . The best feeling I have had was driving a car so what I realy want is a car.Thank you for blessing me with a vehicle. I can do everything you ask me to I am at your service .


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      Re: It's not easy to live your dream

      My relashionship with the Lord is very different that the usual aproch but I realy do have respect for God. I ask him for anything I need and I do everything he tells me to do. My dreams are heaven and he shall make my dreams come true.