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Concerning the Second Amendment . . .

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  • Concerning the Second Amendment . . .

    Concerning the Second Amendment:

    Let’s repeal the 2nd Amendment. It was passed in 1777 concerning 18th century weapons and frontier culture; and, is irrelevant concerning 21st century killing weapons and modern culture.

    The rights of our citizens’ lives far outweighs the rights of our citizens to bear arms.

    United Statesians have forfeited 2nd amendment rights because of their immaturity, culture of violence, and general inability to support commonsense laws to protect the general population.

    Those that must hunt and shoot at targets with lethal weapons have no one to blame but themselves as they have also been unable to change said culture. Their loss is quite small compared to the loss every day of the innocent citizens that are maimed and killed intentionally and unintentionally by firearms.

    A mandatory prison sentence for anyone “in possession anywhere” should quickly dry up the reservoir of firearms in criminal hands and firearms accessible to all others that cannot control their emotions. A firearm is the weapon of choice for cowards; and, is quite rare in other major, civilized, industrialized nations.

    There is little other recourse that will ameliorate one of the major causes of all violent death in the United States.
    ~ Brunardot

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