Living among educated idiots:
Scientists, Theologians, and Philosophers
that know little Philogic.
The USA is going to hell. Mostly because so many of its citizens are either uneducated or “specialized” idiots that will probably forever vote against their best interests.

Those that profit because of avarice are only doing what’s natural when the majority consistently permits such behavior. No one is taught how to recognize and/or avoid propaganda/brainwashing; be it, xenophobic, religious, racial, commercial, or patriotic to one’s cause.

I’m not certain there will be a turnaround for the USA before most all Earth's anthropoids suffer from the Earth’s destabilization . . . much, much faster than expected.

Of all nations, the USA is primarily most responsible for causing most of the Earth’s turmoil (of every kind); and today the USA is the only sovereign nation that has the power that can still make a difference concerning said turmoil . . . which, its leaders, political and otherwise, refuse to do, except for occasional rhetoric and haphazard projects; and of which, most everyone else "could care less."

Imagine having to live among citizens that kill 10 times as many persons EVERY year with guns AND, as many persons are also killed with vehicles than the persons that were killed by 9/11 terrorists; yet, these same citizens "could care less" about gun control or safe vehicles and road infrastructure, while they happily "went along" with bankrupting the nation and stirring up what well may be WWIII as a war between the haves and have-nots.

Is any organization, anywhere, changing anything in time to turn around a World of religious control and dogmatic faith (even within all secular nations); and, corporate/oligarchic control; while there is still time to stabilize Earth’s turmoil?

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