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Oscillation Theory

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  • Oscillation Theory

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    Oscillation Theory (OT)
    ................................. . . . of Reality oscillating Universe with a singularity locus

    ........The philosophic logic of the symbolic Pulsoid Theory’s
    ............application to the observed phenomena of Reality.

    Oscillation Theory is a rationalization of String Theory’s enigmas and as such could be commonly referred to as The Theory of Everything (TOE); as, its first postulate begins at the limit of reductionism, which is the duality of Infinity.

    The premise of Oscillation Theory is that all observed phenomena evolves as a consequence of endless, hyper-relativistic, non-dimensional, chaotic motion of an unapproachable/unobservable Singularity . . . as presumed by simple philosophic logic. Such a percept leads quickly to answering the conundrum of the Universe’s locus.

    When said motion randomly oscillates it acquires the properties of deceleration/acceleration; and thus, there exists relativistic speeds; such that the Singularity/Reality locus is crossed from the Singularity into an environment of complete Relativity, which is referred to as Reality or the Universe.

    The fundamental quantum of said Reality phenomena is referred to as a Pulsoid that manifests as the resultant of a serendipitous alignment of random, motion such that within all forms of oscillating harmony pulsating resonances form within dual, ellipsoidal “envelopes”/”fields” that manifests as “mass.”

    Pulsoids emerge when said motion aligns in accordance with the symbolic geometry and algebra of the Elliptical Constant, which results in a “dark matter” space quantum as symbolically described by the algebra and geometry as an Emergent Ellipsoid.

    Pulsoids are ubiquitous, ellipsoidal manifestations that evolve and morph as the various states and components of mass that are observable phenomena.

    Pulsoids, as the fabric of the Universe, are symbolically described by Pulsoid Theory’s Emergent Ellipsoid and Tini Circle Groups.

    The observed phenomenon of mass is the consequence of resonance, referred to as a Resoloid, within the dual envelopes/”fields” of harmonic oscillation within the Pulsoid . . . as symbolically described by Pulsoid Theory.

    Radiation is a consequence of the ejection of said Resoloid from a Pulsoid’s dual envelopes when the Pulsoid is critically compressed.

    Reality is entirely comprised of oscillations when Seminal Motion serendipitously resonates as a “space particle,” which manifests as mass from which all else evolves. The oscillations associated with a “space particle” are referred to as:

    Slide, swing, vibration, pulse, diametric,
    revolution, harmony, resonance, spin, and Cosadence.

    The first nine oscillations manifest as the Pulsoid. The tenth oscillation, Cosadence, describes the Pulsoid itself as it evolves and endlessly oscillates between the Cosmos and subatomic as dissipation and emergence.

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