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    The development and
    an understanding of
    Pulsoid Theory . . . a Paradigm Shift!,
    and its philosophy, Conceptualism,
    required and requires, a pencil; paper;
    a little imagination; high school,
    beginning algebra and geometry; and,
    above all . . . freedom from the bias of
    Standard Models of
    Science, Theology, and Philosophy.

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    Pulsoid Theory is . . .
    . . . a theory that rationalizes all the observed manifestations of Reality in accordance with the principles of IPSO.

    Pulsoid Theory (PT) has stood the test of time; as, its primary concepts have been unchallenged by academia for over fifty years.
    Pulsoid Theory (PT) is a complete theory that rationalizes the Natural environment as being in equilibrium such that a Big Bang is not a requirement for a structural force opposed to the force commonly referred to as gravity. Pulsoid Theory's (PT) mathematics, physics, and logic can be visualized and understood by most laypersons.

    Pulsoid Theory (PT) involves new mathematical concepts of "emergence" and fundamental, intrinsic time (FIT) that should rejuvenate fundamental mathematics and all of theoretical physics from conventional relativity and quantum theory to alternative theory; such as, String Theory (ST); its derivatives; and, Loop Quantum Gravity (LQG).

    Pulsoid Theory (PT) theorizes space that is referred to as the Dyosphere, as emerging and compressing, dynamic quanta that are analogous to the enigmatic "dark" energy (DE), "dark" matter (DM), and quantum "fields" (QF) that are observed manifestation that are referred to as Pulsoids.

    The complex internal motion of Pulsoids manifest as the strong and weak interactions of quantum theory (QT). The external motions of Pulsoids manifest as Light (photons/bosons), Cosmic gravity, and its reaction . . . Cosmic Inertia.

    Pulsoids consist of complex, harmonic oscillations that are referred to as Triquametric motion, that creates resonances, that are referred to as Resoloids, that manifest as mass; which, when said Pulsoids are critically compressed, within quasars and gamma-ray bursts, some of said Resoloids are ejected and dissipate as radiant energy quanta, atoms, and subatomic particles.

    Because of the simplicity of its source and the simple, dynamic, double-ellipsoidal geometry of its emergence, the Pulsoid’s structure is orthogonal; and, cyclic energy transfers to the resonances such that the Pulsoid, also, is the “clock” that sets, and generates, the uniform iterations of fundamental, intrinsic time (FIT).

    The dynamic, geometric process of emergence and dissipation of Pulsoids is an unending cycle, which, “while along the way,” the Pulsoids interact, evolve, and dissipate; thus, manifesting as all the phenomena within the Universe . . . including intelligent consciousness, which is heuristically described as complex, analog, self-adjustment (CASA).

    It is recommended that the Pulsoid Theory: Abstract (PTA) and the Postulate of Pulsoid Theory (PPT)

    The Elliptical Constant (EC), at the crux of Pulsoid Theory (PT),
    resurrects String Theory and resuscitates Loop Quantum Gravity (LQG).

    An expansion of the stated general concepts . . .

    Pulsoid Theory (PT) is a theory of quantized space in which pulsing quanta, Pulsoids, form, from the emergence of seminal motion, such that said motion manifests as hyper-relativistic, non-local, complex oscillating, Triquametric motion that is subsequent to the dynamic, emergent, separation of a dimensionless point within a dimensionless sphere. The totality of the quantized space is referred to as the Dyosphere.

    Externally, the intact Pulsoids react relativistically; internally, and after Critical Compression, the Pulsoid and its dissipates are hyper-relativistic and the laws of quantum mechanics are applicable.

    The Pulsoids' pulses are non-local, while the quantum, itself, and the internal and expanding ejected resonances, as their near relativistic speed decelerates, in uniformly discrete units that are set by fundamental, intrinsic time (FIT) and are referred to as Conceptual Units, which are heuristically described by:

    the Elliptical Constant (EC), εpsilon = One.

    The Elliptical Constant (EC) is the precise geometric construction of Wien's displacement law's "energy element," "ε," that Planck mathematically described as the minimal quantum and constant. Thus, in Pulsoid Theory (PT), the Planck constant is set as the Natural integer, One, "1," and is referred to as:

    εpsilon = One.

    The Conceptual Unit (CU), εpsilon = One, geometrically resolves Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem (GIT).

    Pulsoid Theory (PT) rationalizes Cosmic gravitational attraction as several secondary, direct forces that are ultimately derived from hyper-relativistic "fundamental reactions" to the elastic-like, symmetrical, unbalanced, complex oscillating, dynamic motion of separation that manifests as pulses between an indivisible, dimensionless point within an indivisible, dimensionless sphere, which is often referred to as quantum gravity, which manifests as the Standard Model strong interaction.

    Because of the indivisibleness of the dimensionless point and the dimensionless sphere's source, Infinity), there is complete conservation and equilibrium within the Universe.

    Reality can be said to be the entanglement of said oscillating, string-like manifestations (OSM) of the motion of separation.

    Pulsoid Theory (PT) includes the reconcilable, salient features of Relativity theory (SR & GR), Quantum mechanics’ (QM) field theory (QFT) through quantum chromodynamics’ (QCD) super symmetry theory (SUSY), String theory (ST) and its related theories such as M-brane theory (MT), Loop quantum gravity theory (LQG), and even, some of the concepts of the more recent: Moving Dimensions theory (MDT).

    Pulsoid Theory (PT) is the only theory that:
    ..1.) Has no ad hoc postulates beyond the simple geometry and source of Emergent Ellipsoids and philosophical logic.

    ..2.) Provides theory that cannot be further reduced beyond the dynamic, emergent separation (DES) of a dimensionless point within a dimensionless sphere as heuristically described by Dynamic, Hyper-relativistic Vectors (DHV).

    ..3.) Is internally reconcilable to the limits of mathematics; and, externally reconcilable to the observed logic of all Standard Models.

    ..4.) Defines the distinction between the infinite, the infinitesimal, and Infinity.

    ..5.) Explains why there is "something rather than nothing" as the inevitable consequence of "nothing" being a singularity.

    ..6.) Describes a simple, Natural manifestation, the Pulsoid, that incorporates all the fundamental concepts of everything that exists.

    ..7.) Explains a steady-state, unending, cycling Universe that refutes Big Bang theory.

    ..8.) Explains simply and clearly why there is accelerating, galactic recession that is closely related to the galactic retention of orbiting stars without mythical, metaphysical, large-magnitude black holes.

    ..9.) Explains the precise, original, and unique, Emergent Ellipsoidal geometry and algebra (v = εP² and c² = 2v² – s² of fundamental quanta as the origin of the fundamental, complex oscillations of slide, swing, and vibration.

    10.) Explains how the resonances of harmonic formations of Triquametric motion create fermions (gravitational particles of mass) and subsequent bosons (massless particles of radiant energy).

    11.) Explains the Natural source, and evolution, of the Inverse Square Law (ISL); orthogonal dimensions; and fundamental, intrinsic time (FIT) as the manifestation of a “clock” that generates “ticks” of Conceptual Units (CU).

    12.) Explains the generation of a fundamental unit that is the foundation for, and analogous to, all the Planck constants; and which, is the harmonic denominator of fundamental resonance.

    13.) Explains why the smallest manifestation of existence has a radius that must be larger than the Conceptual Unit that is analogous to the Planck constant.

    14.) Explains the containment of the Universe and its Congeneric Realms of Reality of unending coalescence, propagation, compression, and dissipation.

    15.) Explains the source of numbers and arithmetical manipulations; such that: mathematics is a Natural function of the physical environment; and, thus: Why mathematics can precisely describe Nature.

    16.) Explains why their can be utmost precision in describing Cosmic dimensions as multiples of the Conceptual Unit/Planck constant.

    17.) Explains the origins of, and why, the revised Fibonacci sequence, the Golden ratio, the Natural function, x² – x, and the soliton are ubiquitous throughout Nature.

    18.) Explains the relationship between pi, "π," and the Elliptical Constant, "ε"; and thus, their relationship to Nature and the infinite.

    19.) Explains all observed, non-local phenomena as manifestations of hyper-relativistic motion that is without dimensions.

    20.) Explains the genesis of the orthogonal dimensions and "time" in a non-circular manner as the only fundamental dimensions of unlimited dimensions.

    21.) Explains the genesis of the "clock" that creates the uniform "ticks" of the Conceptual Unit that manifests as fundamental, intrinsic time (FIT).

    22.) Explains Cosmic Inertia as a force that is a reaction to one of gravity’s secondary force manifestations.

    23.) Explains the illusion of gravity's attraction-at-a-distance as a combination of fundamental, non-local and secondary forces that all act directly on their object.

    24.) Explains the complex half-spin of fermions as a consequence of a quantum's internal, acute and obtuse dual ellipsoidal "envelope" that is referred to as an Emergent Ellipsoid that is comprised of non-local, hyper-relativistic, Triquametric motion.

    25.) Explains the spin of bosons as a consequence of the geometric phenomenon of traumatic ejection from an Emergent Ellipsoids.

    26.) Explains the ephemeral, non-local manifestations of subatomic particles as the consequence of hyper-relativistic accelerating and decelerating pulses of quanta that pulse as a consequence of the indivisible nature of Infinity.

    27.) Explains why the speed of light only appears to be constant; and, the genesis of its constant deceleration, that is discrete and with speed inversely proportional to its time of dissipation.

    28.) Explains "red-shift" as a consequence of the amplitude (minor diameter) increase of an ejected Resoloid; said ejected Resoloid is referred to as a photon.

    29.) Explains the geometry and mathematics of the "fabric of space"/aether as the Dyosphere, which is heuristically described by Tini Circle Groups (TCG) that are dynamic, tangent, infinite, spheroids of compressing, emergent ellipsoids, with integer curvature[/url] ("dark" matter), that is permeated with dissipating, ejected Resoloids that carry spheroidal, pulsing resonances (radiant energy).

    30.) Explains the etiology of quasars and gamma-ray bursts as the Critical Compression of "dark" matter.

    31.) Explains the genesis of the ubiquitous, enigmatic, isotropic, ultra-high-energy, background radiation.

    32.) Explains the source of anomalous cosmic rays.

    Pulsoid Theory (PT) is as testable as any of the theories or Standard Models that it modifies; especially in that, its most fundamental concepts are neither paradoxical, illogical, metaphysical, or unprovable.

    Pulsoid Theory (PT) refutes Kurt Gödel, Thomas S. Kuhn, and Karl Popper's contention that all knowledge is contrived and ultimately unprovable. True physical knowledge is not contrived, theoretical inventions . . . as is: most all current theoretical physics.

    True physical knowledge is a superstructure of discoveries from observation and rigorous philosophical and mathematical logic that is supported by Natural, irreducible postulates.

    Thus, "science does not end" until science is united with Theology and Philosophy. As such, the triad is referred to as Conceptualism.

    Pulsoid Theory (PT) is consistent with all observation and philosophical logic such that Science, Theology, and Philosophy (STP) are united. (IPSO)

    Pulsoid Theory (PT) is comprised of fundamental concepts that have not been publicly challenged by world-class academics for over fifty years.

    Pulsoid Theory (PT) is quintessentially
    complete and beautiful;
    thus, in every manner
    ..................... . . . a Paradigm Shift!

    Glossary of Pulsoid Theory's (PT) unique, salient concepts
    Brunardot Series (BS)
    Brunardot Theorem (BT) c² = 2v² – s²
    Brunardot Triangles
    Conceptual Unit (CU)
    Confluent Congruence (CC)
    Congeneric Realms of Reality (CRR)
    Cosmic Inertia (CI)
    Critical Coalescence (CCo)
    Critical Compression (CrC)
    Dynamic Separation (DS)
    ...Brunardot (BE)
    ...Conceptual (CE)
    ...Emergent (EE)
    ...Lemma (LE)
    ...Pulsoidal (PE)
    ...Ultron (UE)
    Elliptical Constant (EC)
    Equilibrium Theory of Reality (ETR)
    Fibonacci sequence, revised (rFs)
    Fundamental, intrinsic time (FIT)
    Natural function (NF) (x² - x)
    Pulsoid Theorem (PT) v = εP²
    Relative, Hierarchic Compression (RHC)
    Seminal motion (SM)
    Science, Theology, Philosophy are One
    Triquametric motion (TM)
    An acknowledgement of profuse thanks to: Philip Morrison, Mario Rabinowitz, Linus Pauling, and Eliot McGucken for their trying to comprehend, important support, and undoubtedly, unintended encouragement. I will never fully understand "why?" their kindness; though, I do know that they certainly are "far from the madding crowd's ignoble strife..." The errors and unfinished "tweaking" are the sole responsibility of Brunardot.
    The expansion and clarification, herein, will continue as time allows.

    Also, there is much that is relevant . . . and some that is not . . . that can be found within the threads posted at this forum's topic: Pulsoid Theory; and, elsewhere throughout's dialogues. A “Google” of Pulsoid Theory will uncover a gaggle of information that is another source of comment: good, bad, and indifferent.

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