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Pulsoid Theory: a Quick Summary

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  • Pulsoid Theory: a Quick Summary

    Pulsoid Theory: a Quick Summary

    Forget the strange ellipses.

    Forget the Proof of One.

    Forget the Elliptical Constant.

    Forget the esoteric arguments concerning Infinity; the Unified Concept; and, Triquametric motion, and seminal motion.

    A key, a bit of courage, and a little practice will have you driving a car; it isn't necessary to understand gasoline/air ratios or "spark" advancement to "get going." Likewise, it isn't required to know advanced physics and mathematics to understand the Universe such that a person no longer must rely on the metaphysics and confusion of others.

    It's true for most everyone that will think a bit . . . and ask questions: the enviroment, including Consciousness, can be easily rationalized with a little intuitive reflection upon what had seemed enigmatic.

    We are a part of this environment; in fact we are the highest form of known evolution; and, as such, we are moving in the slowest "lane" of motion. We are the furthest away from that which creates, the locus of the duality of Infinity, as it is possible to be.

    Yet, with all that has occurred between the extremes of evolution, we, human beings, are the only known manifestation that may, eventually, know of our origin and destination. It is this wisdom that when properly applied can maximize happiness.
    The Congeneric Realms of Reality should join the 3-Rs in grade school.

    Coalescence, Propagation, Compression, and Dissipation, as the core of the Equilibrium Theory of Reality, must replace the Big Bang theory.
    If there were a beginning
    it would be the quiet calm of
    coalescence; ludicrous
    bang of compression . . . Never!

    The strength of Pulsoid Theory is the beauty, inevitableness, and logical completeness of its underlying Natural concepts and mathematics.

    It is this strength of Pulsoid Theory that will eventually, essentially and ultimately, challenge the integrity of post-modern, academic peer review, and all of the fundamental postulates of the current standard models of theoretical physics.
    Pulsoid Theory heuristically describes
    the geometry of
    the first essence of existence; and,
    how that essence evolves to
    the complexity of the Universe . . .
    and then, dissipates to the beginning.

    The logic of Pulsoid Theory has
    never been seriously challenged by

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