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The Unified Concept (UC): The Core of Pulsoid Theory

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  • The Unified Concept (UC): The Core of Pulsoid Theory

    The Unified Concept (UC): The Core of Pulsoid Theory

    The Unified Concept (UC) was discussed with Philip Morrison in the spring of 1955, prior to the death of Albert Einstein. It is the counter-intuitive concepts of Einstein’s relativity that sparked an insatiable interest in the fundamental concepts of physics, which at that time appeared to be four enigmatic forces held together by a mathematical symbolism that, for the twelve prior years, appeared, at least to the author, as absolute certainty . . . that is, until the peripheral awareness of a nagging interpretation of logic concerning the unprovableness of mathematics that concerned an Incompleteness Theorem by Kurt Gödel, who, at that time, was unknown to the writer. Comparatively, for the writer, who was steeped in the infallibility of mathematics, Einstein was easy to understand compared to Gödel’s logic. Several years later Nagel and Newman in a small book,“Gödel’s Proof”, somewhat clarified Gödel; and, and while so doing, completed my horror concerning the underpinnings of theoretical physics.
    The fundamental truth of physics and mathematics is not of anyone’s mind; such truth belongs to Nature and can only be discovered and partially rationalized from an impenetrable distance that is measured by speed.
    With this realization, and the Unified Concept’s potential for rectifying physical enigmas such as the particle/wave duality, the problem focused on shoring up fundamental number theory before investing much more time with physical Reality's enigmas.

    Almost forty years past by (much too rapidly) with the Gödel barrier seeming to be insurmountable. Finally, in the spring of 1994, the Brunardot Theorem was discovered (and the nom de guerre, an influence honoring Voltaire, was taken). Several properties of the Brunardot Theorem seemed to involve integers; prime numbers; a peculiar constant; relationships to the ubiquitous Fibonacci sequence and Golden Ratio; orthogonal concepts related to the Pythagorean Theorem; vectors, squares, and sinusoidal qualities related to physics; and, simple arithmetic manipulations; all of which, at one time or another, seemed to occur while delving into Gödel’s Incompleteness, which seemed to reduce to a requirement for a Proof of One that is not outside its system of reference; i.e. seminal motion must establish all Natural integers including . . . One.

    Soon, it was seen that seminal, oscillating motion and a concept of Infinity, from the 1955 Unified Concept (UC), incorporated the powerful concepts of a Universal Proof of One, the Elliptical Constant, and Triquametric motion.

    Thus, the Unified Concept (UC), the quintessential simplicity, is, essentially, an amalgam of Triquametric motion, the Elliptical Constant, and Infinity, which demonstrates a universal Proof of One and the “completeness” that is intrinsic to Nature's arithmetic.

    The UC does not unify the forces of post-modern theoretical physics; as, contrived, metaphysical forces will never reconcile internally or with one another.

    The UC does unify the disparate qualities of Reality such that all observed phenomena can logically be rationalized in a manner such that, most anyone, with a little effort, can shake the impressed demons of repressive secular faith from their psyche.

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