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On the importance of integers in Nature

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  • On the importance of integers in Nature

    On the importance of integers in Nature

    In Unimetry, the geometry of the Universe, Natural integers represent phases of cyclic time (four sinusoidal cycles) or solitons (half waves), which are a form of energy.

    There cannot be fractional cycles or waves within Nature; there is either a cycle or wave (crest or trough); or, there is not. A soliton is the smallest division of a wave.

    Integers are important because they are multiples of a unit that is common to all fundamental components of a given, or similar, system. Without a common denominator (the unit that is common) there is no harmony between fundamental components. Without harmony, there is no resonance.

    Resonance is the essence of perceptive phenomena. It is the angular momentum of a spinning spherical resonance that is fundamental to all the matter and light of existence.

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