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  • Life is CASA

    Life is CASA

    Life/Consciousness is mechanical. Our thoughts are electro/chemical reactions that occur throughout the neurons and synapses of our neural system including the brain and sensory organs.

    CASA is an acronym that refers to ALL forms of life as a physical/mechanical manifestation of Complex, Analog, Self-Adjustment.

    It is the rapid feedback of CASA that allows the sensory organs to be aware of themselves within the neurons and synapses of the brain.
    "From cell division to heartbeat, clocklike rhythms pervade the activities of every living organism. The cycles of life are ultimately biochemical in mechanism but many of the principles that dominate their orchestration are essentially mathematical. The Geometry of Biological Time describes periodic processes in living systems and their non-living analogues in the abstract terms of nonlinear dynamics. Emphasis is given in phase singularities, waves, and mutual synchronization in tissues composed of many clocklike units."

    .......--Arthur T. Winfree
    ............"The Geometry of Biological Time" 2nd Ed., 2001
    It is the rapid feedback of CASA that accounts for Consciousness, which is the self-awareness and the ego of each individual, living specimen that manifests as Design.

    Along the path of evolution, Design (CASA) is as far as possible from that which creates; and, “that which creates” is, for many persons, the purest definition of god.

    CASA connotes life that has traveled throughout the Universe and that has evolved over eternity . . . much longer than the few billion years that the planet Earth has existed.
    Did Life Begin In Space?
    Interstellar organic molecules suggest that Earth
    may have been seeded by the cosmos.

    By Kathryn Garfield
    DISCOVER Vol. 27 No. 11, November 2006, Space

    "Interstellar clouds of gas are impregnated with organic molecules, the chemical ingredients of life. In just two years of work with the Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope, astronomers have discovered eight new organic molecules near the center of the Milky Way, bolstering theories that key chemical precursors of life were first forged in deep space."
    All the water on Earth came from outer space. When the Earth was originally formed it was too hot to retain water.

    The water on Earth has continually rained from outer space since Earth's origin.

    Viruses as ribonucleic acid (RNA) are within the water molecules that rain onto Earth from comets whenever they pass nearby.

    More than likely, the "Asian" flu viruses are rapidly spread around Earth in this manner; as, the flu virus spreads faster, and more widely, than would be expected from person-to-person contagious distribution.

    Such explanations were first made by the notable physicists, Sir Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramasinghe, well before the continuous Cosmic rain of microbes and "red rain" in India were observed.

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