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    The Dynamic Nature
    .........of Dimensionless Points,
    ..................Dimensionless Spheres, and their
    ...........................Dynamic, Emergent Separation (DES)
    "Nothing happens Until Something Moves"
    ~Albert Einstein
    The dynamic nature of the separation of a dimensionless point within a dimensionless sphere marks the limit of conceptual reduction within the realm of existence.

    Such Dynamic, Emergent Separation (DES) must be nonsymmetrical (non-quaquaversal); and, it is considered as the beginning of an "emergent" philosophy/theory of fundamental science. That is:

    All that exists begins with Dynamic, Emergent Separation (DES).

    The instant that there is DES the manifestation is pulsoidal (a pulsing ellipsoid) that is referred to as an Emergent Ellipsoid (EEd).

    When discussing the separation of a dimensionless point within a dimensionless sphere (DES), as the source of Reality, the purpose of the discussion is not to arrive at a provable observation. What is important, though, is to demonstrate that everything that exists, that is logical and observable, can be rationalized as evolving from such a source; and that it can be so reconciled to logic and observation such that doubt is thoroughly mitigated; and, most importantly, that which can be so rationalized and reconciled can be decisively labeled philosophical (Philogic). It is at the moment of DES that the Oneness of Science, Theology, and Philosophy (STP) is particularly salient.

    Thus, all the currently described forces of Standard Model (SM) physics, of academic theory, would be categorized as metaphysical; as, such are without an internal reconciliation or reconciliation with one another and/or are logical, or observable, from beginning to ending.

    And, most importantly, not only are SM forces metaphysical, but also the mathematics that is used to describe said forces and SM manifestations is considered as unprovable; as has been so aptly demonstrated by Kurt Gödel with his “Incompleteness Theorems” (GIT). Of course, the limitations of GIT are removed by Pulsoid Theory’s (PT) Proof of One (PoO).

    The limit of reduction is the duality of Infinity; so that will be a starting point. Infinity will be symbolized as a dimensionless point within a dimensionless sphere. As there are no dimensions, the radius of the sphere will be "One" and it will be congruent with the dimensionless point.
    Interestingly, in Unimetry, Nature's geometry, a sphere with a radius of One, "1," can be considered to be as infinite as a zero, "0," is infinitesimal. The smallest quantum must be ellipsoidal with a vector that is greater than One. Thus, an ellipsoid with a vector that is One is a sphere . . . and does not exist; which non-existence is a usual quality of Infinity, the duality of the infinite and the infinitesimal.
    The environment of Reality is that of tangential quanta in the form of pulsing spheroids that are elliptical and referred to as Pulsoids, that are heuristically represented by two-dimensional Tini Circle Groups (tangent inscribed circles) with Natural integer curvatures. Somewhat analogous to the bubbles of a dynamic foam.

    The smallest spheroids have radii that represent motion that is near infinite speed; the largest spheroids have radii that represents near motionlessness that approaches infinitesimal speed. The smaller the curvature, or the larger the radius, the slower the represented motion. The total environment of Reality is motion that exists between the dual loci of Infinity and that flows between the dual foci of Emergent Ellipsoids (EEd).

    Between the loci of Infinity, the infinitesimal and the infinite, is that which exists.

    Infinity is defined as a dual, unreachable limit that is defined by speed . . . both fast and motionless. Infinity, Oneness, is the singularity.

    Infinity is the only provable because it cannot be disproved.

    Infinity, the singularity, simplicity, pluperfect Chaos is the locus of the postulate (PPT) of Pulsoid Theory (overview).

    All that exists, has ever existed, or will ever exist must evolve from that which is simplest . . . the singularity referred to as Infinity.

    Thus, the locus of Reality, the environment of Reality, must emerge from the separation of a dimensionless point and a dimensionless sphere, which represents the dual loci of Infinity . . . a limit that is defined by motion not distance or size. Therefore, with such a “container” there is no beginning or ending . . . one is the other . . . and vice versa . . . Science, Theology, and Philosophy are One (STP).

    The nature of said emergence and evolution is heuristically described by the ellipsoidal Pulsoid, the seminal quanta of Pulsoid Theory, which is itself defined by the Emergent Ellipsoid (EEd) that is a three-dimensional rotation of an Emergent Ellipse (EE), which represents the dual "envelope" seminal quanta, that is an original concept of Unimetry, wherein two ellipses have identical vectors (thus, saliently, an identical major diameter, "M."), identical Pulses, "P," and, of course, identical Elliptical Constants (EC); and yet, there are different elliptical curvatures.
    It is the described dual "envelopes" that account for the "half-spin" that differentiates fermions from bosons that have a simple, unwinding spin.

    The Resoloids/bosons that have been ejected from said dual "envelope" quanta dissipate/slow down and create their own single ellipsoidal geometry.
    Reality is fundamentally comprised of quanta of pure (simple/chaotic) motion that begins without speed or dimensions; as there is not as yet “time.” This pure motion is referred to as seminal motion. The quantum of motion can be said to be a quantum of “space.” “Space” is described as the Dyosphere; and, the quantum is often referred to as an “envelope” because it envelops/carries the “things of existence” that are conventionally referred to as fermions.

    Fermions that escape the envelope, through traumatic ejection, are conventionally referred to as bosons. Fermions and bosons are, in the common vernacular, respectively, matter (subatomic particles) and light (electromagnet waves). The motion within the “envelope” is hyper-relativistic (HR); the “things of existence” and the “envelope” itself progress at much slower relativistic speeds that decelerate at a rate established by the Conceptual Unit. It is the Conceptual Unit that regulates the “clock” of fundamental, intrinsic time (FIT).

    When said seminal quantum of Reality acquires, almost instantaneously, the properties of: “numbers,” harmony, resonance, and thus, fundamental, intrinsic time (FIT); the quantum becomes the Pulsoid of Pulsoid Theory.

    The smallest circles in Tini Circle Groups (near infinity in curvature) are heuristically symbolic of continually emerging spheroids that expand with a regulated pulse. And, at a critical point, they compress until, at another critical point, their bonds cannot hold the compressed energy and they explode.

    The explosion is observed as quasars and gamma-ray bursts. The dissipating detritus is atoms, ions, and photons. That which compresses prior to explosion is the quixotic “dark” matter, which is a pulsing, wave “envelope” of harmonic, hyper-relativistic (HR) motion (emerging “dark” energy) that contains spinning resonances that are “dark”/transparent until they (Resoloids) escape and “unwind” their energy as photons that are visible as escaping waves of ellipsoidal energy.

    Once the harmony of the “envelope” is “broken,” after critical compression, it is only a matter of time until all the quantum components dissipate to a point where harmonious coalescence can again pursue the eternal cycle of: coalescence, propagation, compression, and dissipation, over and over in perpetuity. Thus, the Universe is singular and “steady-state.”

    The separation
    The quantum pulses when its expansion is such that harmonic, internal oscillations form primary resonances that begin with a radius of a Conceptual Unit, which radius and Pulse Gap increases exactly one Conceptual Unit per Pulse. Thus, it is seminal motion with the Inverse Square Law (ISL) and the Elliptical Constant (EC) that unifies all forces.

    The dynamics of the geometry of the Emergent Ellipsoid and subsequent Resoloids is consistent with and reconciles with all the observations of quantum chromodynamics (QCD), supersymmetry (SUSY), cosmology, and cosmogony.

    The seminal sphere is without dimensions because its speed is infinite , thus its radius of one is without any dimensional length (There is no Conceptual Unit (CU) until the radius of Infinity (ROI) exceeds One). The diameter of the seminal sphere is referred to as an Infinity line (IL).

    When there is seminal motion there is a motion of separation from the surface of the sphere and a different motion of separation from the dimensionless point. This separation is shown, heuristically, as emanating from the end of any radius of a seminal sphere, in all directions, with a uniform length. Actually, as the sphere and point move into Reality the motion along the vectors is quite complex.

    As this outward motion proceeds the dimensionless point at the center begins to expand (moves off center) while the sphere enlarges. All vectors of expansion must be the same length because they expanded from equal circumstances.

    The expansion is not a perfect sphere because the geometry of expansion is different depending upon whether the quaquaversal motion is inward from the dimensionless sphere and outward from the dimensionless point such that a pulse emerges; or, the motion is outward towards the dimensionless sphere and inward towards the dimensionless point such that the emergent pulse collapses. The motion is different at all points along the vectors (including the major Radials which are also vecors.)

    Because of the imbalance of the motion from a point and the surface of a sphere, as they separate, the locus will not be a sphere. The salient concept is that the motion will be equal and will be represented by a component referred to as a vector, "v."

    The geometry of separation is fully described by the Pulsoid Theorem, v = εP² and/or the Brunardot Theorem, c² = 2v² – s².

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