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The speed of Light cannot be constant.

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  • The speed of Light cannot be constant.

    The speed of Light cannot be constant.

    The speed of Light in a vacuum, in any direction, cannot be constant.

    The mere thought of such a concept concerning the speed of Light, as thusly constant, is an insult to philosophical logic. About as much so as the equally ridiculous pillar: the existence of attraction-at-a-distance, gravitational waves; billions of dollars have been squandered in search of such a phantasmagory.

    Of course, at the anthropic scale of observation, in the late 1880s through the early 1900s, it was possible, empirically, to believe such an insult to reason.

    However, as incredible as it may seem the acceleration effect of Light’s speed, in a perfect vacuum, is constant.

    The internal geometry of Light is a factor of its genesis from an ejected Resoloid . . . i.e. Light’s internal geometry is a dynamic, ellipsoidal pulsing . . . analogous to the Resoloid’s Pulsoid.

    Light’s particle effect accelerates two Conceptual Unit (CU) with each “tic” of fundamental, intrinsic time (FIT). And, the lateral dispersion/dissipation of Light, from it source is elliptical; however, the accelerating, pulsing, ellipsoid after a relatively small number of pulses rapidly approaches the spherical.

    Light’s wave front proceeds logarithmically, but this is offset by the internal resonance which also increases its radius logarithmically for a net effect of two Conceptual Unit (CU) increases per Pulse, “P.”

    This acceleration and ellipticalness is too small to observe at the anthropoidal scale; however, its effect is easily noticed at the macro scale with the perceived acceleration of galactic recession.

    Also, its relative effect is quite noticeable at the subatomic/micro scale. Of course, when Albert Einstein first theorized that the speed of Light was constant, there was no observation to contradict the proposal
    . . . just the opposite; thanks to Michelson-Morley.

    To Einstein’s credit he was aware that phenomena often behaved inexplicably when near such extreme speed . . . and, it is well known that the same is true with the absence of speed. Actually, the unusual behavior of phenomena near the extremes of speed, the infinite and the infinitesimal, is a function of the nearness of the phenomena to the duality of Infinity.

    Despite the eventual, near universal acceptance of such folderol, it’s certain that Einstein must have been aware of how his contrived, symbolic theories flew in the face of philosophical argument. It would be interesting to know the content of the many, long conversations between Einstein and his close, good friend, over many years, Kurt Gödel. I’m sure, as two outsiders of academic physics, they must have had an occasional chuckle when considering the state of academic, theoretical physics.

    [Note: Ironically, the author’s place of birth was where what is considered as “one of the most important and famous experiments in the history of physics” was conducted by Albert Michelson and Edward Morley concerning the speed of light that directly led to the theory of Special Relativity. It is this theory that has led to many of the problems concerning a reconciliation of the academic, theoretical physics’ Standard Models.]

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    Re: The speed of Light cannot be constant.

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      Re: The speed of Light cannot be constant.

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      very nice useful and informative discussion..............
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