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The Purpose of Pulsoid Theory . . .

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  • The Purpose of Pulsoid Theory . . .

    The Purpose of Pulsoid Theory . . .
    . . . is the unification of Science, Theology, and Philosophy with a heuristic, geometric simplification to assist all persons with gaining a better understanding of their environment in a manner such that irrational mysticism and metaphysics can be minimalized. Thus, Pulsoid Theory demonstrates the primacy of the mind and Truth. Therefore, Conceptualism.
    Conceptualism is a derivation of Pulsoid Theory.

    Conceptualism is a belief that minimizes faith.

    Conceptualism is a fundamental philosophy.
    Pulsoid Theory concerns emergent ellipsoidal phenomena (quanta/orthogonal dimensions) that pulse and oscillate through an antimatter (time/”clock”) and condensate (Bose-Einstein/integer) phase before quickly becoming externally spherical (“dark” matter) proto atoms.

    The emergent, spheroidal phenomena (Pulsoids) expand until stabilized by the compression of subsequent emergent Pulsoids, while complex internal forces develop internal resonant manifestations (subatomic particles) Resoloids.

    These compressed Pulsoids, eventually, critically compress and expel some resonant manifestations (lepton Resoloids) as bosons and ions.

    The ions are composed of hadronic and leptonic Resoloids (fermions), which, combine as all of the observed manifestations of matter, which, also, will eventually dissipate as bosons.

    The cycle endlessly repeats, relativistically, between the duality of Infinity, which has a locus that is congruent with Reality. Thus, the Equilibrium Theory of Reality (ETR).

    Reality/Infinity is a singularity that is often referred to as the Universe.

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    The Inverse Square Law and orthogonality are a natural result of the ellipsoidal, dynamic separation of a dimensionless point within a dimensionless sphere when the vectors and major radii maintain equality.

    About a point, the orthogonal orientation of every Pulse of a Pulsoid is uncertain. Thus, the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.

    Resoloids are exclusionary because their genesis forces cannot be intermixed; thus, identical Resoloids cannot occupy the same location. Thus, the Pauli Exclusion Principle.

    The “tick” of time is ultimately resolved to a function of energy transfer between Pulsoids and Resoloids. Thus, fundamental, intrinsic time (FIT).

    Resoloids are the result of the components of three oscillations (baryons/quarks): slide, swing, and vibration (QCD “colors”, which are heuristically represented by the legs and hypotenuse of a right triangle.

    Resoloids are also categorized by the emerging or collapsing motion (mesons) of the Pulse.

    The inner and outer elliptical “envelopes” reverse positions (and thus, the “plus”/”minus” charge of the contained Resoloids) before and after the condensate phase (equilateral Emergent Ellipsoid). This reversal is a function of the different equations for the hadronic and leptonic elliptical “envelopes.”

    Ejected leptonic Resoloids manifest as photons and other bosons.

    Three-dimensional Resoloids are formed in ellipsoidal quarter sections and rhythmically grouped in the stable manner of a tetrahedron.

    Maximum hyper-relativistic motion juxtaposes the infinite and the infinitesimal; just as the absence of motion does.
    Pulsoid Theory (PT) more than unifies the Standard Model forces;
    PT reconciles the fundamental concepts of Relativity (SR & GR);
    Quantum Theory (QT); Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD);
    String Theory (ST); Loop Quantum Gravity (LQG); Infinity;
    Number Theory (NT); and, accelerating, galactic recession.

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