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The Transcendental Mystique of the Number . . . 5

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  • The Transcendental Mystique of the Number . . . 5

    The Transcendental Mystique of the Number . . . 5
    The number five, "5," is not only quite distinct from the other numbers; five, "5," also, has transcendental qualities much like the integer pair of Zero, "0," and Plus One, "+1."

    Five is found, fundamentally, everywhere there is Natural phenomena.

    If it could be said that one number could be more important than another, that most salient number might be five, "5."

    Five, "5," is generated by the Brunardot Ellipse, which, heuristically, represents the Ephemeloid, which is the first manifestation of Triquametric motion.

    Five, "5, is at the heart of the Golden Ratio, Phi, "Φ," which is ubiquitous throughout Nature.

    If the Natural function (the soliton, "s,") of a Brunardot Ellipse is One, "1,"; then the perigee, "p, equals the Golden Ratio, Phi, “Φ,” which is one-half the sum of one plus the square root of five ((Square root(5) + 1) / 2).

    Five is the only odd number that when multiplied by other odd numbers always results with the same number as its last digit . . . the last digit is always five, "5."

    The set of non-prime numbers that have five, "5," as a factor (S5) is one of the sets of numbers that comprise the amalgam of sets that comprise conventional prime numbers. That is: S5 is one of the sets that must be subtracted from the set of Natural prime numbers so as to obtain conventional prime numbers.

    Five, "5," is part of a select group of revised Fibonacci sequence (rFS) numbers. It is the fifth rFS integer, which is the seventh term (1, 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5...).

    Most saliently, five, "5, is the most important factor for both the Iime and Pulse cycle that produces the perigee, "p," integer value that generates an Ultron Ellipse.
    See: The Ultron Resonance Sequence.

    Ultron Ellipses, generated by Pulse-Times of multiples of five, "5," are the precursor of Taisoids; and, heuristically, account for the resonance that culminates in Critical Coalescence . . . the "morphing of Light to mass."
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