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    Seminal Energy (SE)

    Seminal Energy, as a manifestation of the Unified Concept (UC), is the first essence of Reality's energy, which is often referred to as the Fundamental (First Postulate) Postulate of Reality (FPR).

    At the first instant of Seminal Energy (SE) there is a dynamic, ellipsoidal, fundamental quantum, that evolves as a result of Dynamic, Emergent Separation (DES).

    Seminal Energy (SE), because of its source, emanates infinitely, from infinite points, until it dissipates after dispersion at the locus of the infinite.

    When Seminal Energy (SE) expands to an ellipsoidal quantum with a major radius four times the Radius of Infinity (ROI) the "clock" of fundamental, intrinsic, time (FIT) "ticks"; and, at that moment the quantum is referred to as a Pulsoid.

    A Pulsoid must contain every physical quality that fundamentally comprises the whole of all that exists . . . Reality.

    SM is without any property, such as dimensions, laws, mass, or medium; there is only the concept of hyper-relativistic motion that manifests relativistically that cannot separate from its source . . . Infinity.

    Initial SE has no speed, mass, or medium, which require time; other than Seminal Motion, (SM) has only the qualities of Infinity.

    Photons, often mistakenly confused as particles, and quarks can be considered, heuristically, to be internally composed of Seminal Energy (SE), which manifests in the manner of Triquametric Motion[/I] (TM); though, externally, the phenomena conventionally referred to as photons and quarks manifest at speeds below that of hyper-relativistic and are subject to the influences of phenomena commonly referred to as the "weak" and "strong" forces/interactions and resultant axial momentum.

    Seminal Energy (SE)

    The simplest is the most complex.
    Thus, nothing must be everything.
    Nothing with motion is something.
    Something becomes everything.

    Nothing is no more than nothing.
    Thus, motion is everything.
    Its manifestation contains
    all of Reality’s concepts

    Before there is motion, there is nothing. Nothing is best defined as Infinity.

    The concept of SM is heuristically described as that which occurs when the indivisibleness of Infinity separates as described by Dynamic, Emergent Separation (DES) when motion simultaneously expands from the ends and along the radii of Infinity.

    Most importantly, Seminal Energy (SE) is more than a philosophical concept; as, Seminal Energy (SE) is supported by observation of everything that exists. Seminal Energy (SE) and Seminal Motion (SM) are quite similar.

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