The Golden Ratio, Phi, "Φ" (GR)
The Golden Ratio (GR), Phi, "Φ," is the perigee, "p," when the soliton, "s," of a Conceptual Ellipse (CE) is One, "1."

The Golden Ratio (GR) can be expressed as x² – x = 1 where x equals the GR; thus, the GR, Phi, "Φ," is equal to 1.61803398875... which is, exactly, half the sum of the square root of five plus one.
Also, Φ² = Φ + 1 (2.61803398875...);
and 1/Φ = Φ – 1 (0.61803398875...); thus,
the Golden Ratio minus One equals the GR's mantissa,

the irrational number, 0.61803398875...

And, x² – x is the Natural function (NF) that is a structural component of the fundamental quantum of existence; which accounts for the ubiquity of the Golden Ratio (GR) throughout Nature.

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