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Dynamic, Hyper-relativistic Vectors (DHV)

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  • Dynamic, Hyper-relativistic Vectors (DHV)

    Dynamic, Hyper-relativistic Vectors (DHV)

    The manifestations of Dynamic, Hyper-relativistic Vectors (DHV) reflect all the fundamental properties of Reality, which properties morph and evolve to all the phenomena found within the Universe.

    DHV underlie all motion. Thus, DHV must begin with dynamic, emergent separation (DES) that heuristically begins with seminal motion at the radius of Infinity (ROI).

    The phenomenon of Triquametric motion (TM) and the subsequent Elliptical Constant (EC) and Pulsoids that heuristically describe the evolution of orthogonal dimensions, fundamental, intrinsic time (FIT), the Inverse Square law (ISL), mathematics, seminal quanta, et cetera, are manifestations of DHV, which set of vectors all equally increase, at an accelerating rate, as their hyper-relativistic motion slows at a constant rate that is a function of fundamental, intrinsic time (FIT).

    DHV are in three paired types; one type is associated with the infinitesimal and another is associated with the infinite, while the third type is axiel. Each vector of a pair equally opposes the other paired vector. At any instant, all vectors of a set are equivalent; as, the motion that produces them is equal.

    DHV intrinsically manifest as the most fundamental occurrence of all the forms of oscillation; such as: sliding, swinging, vibrating, and . . . pulsing.

    DHV, directly, at the most fundamental level, answer the question of: “Why ellipses?” (Such a question, over 50 years ago, led to the discovery of Pulsoid Theory (PT) when the author realized the difficulty in understanding what was at the "other" focus if the Sun was at one focus of the Solar system.)

    The vertices of opposing sliding vectors swing such that they describe an Emergent Ellipsoid (EEd).

    The instant that there is infinitesimal motion at the dimensionless point; or, that motion slows from the infinite within the dimensionless sphere the radius of Infinity (ROI) emerges as a phenomenon within Reality, with observable effects.

    A most salient feature is that the emergent phenomenon is never entirely separable from its source. It is this phenomenon of Infinity that is responsible for the strong nuclear forces.

    To heuristically examine this emergent phenomenon, the infinite sphere is represented by a circle, EFG, with a radius referred to as εpsilon and equal to One, “1”; while the infinitesimal is represented by a point, C, at the center of said circle. Any of the infinite diameters, ECG, of said circle is referred to as an Infinity Line.

    Dynamic, Hyper-relativistic Vectors (DHV) that heuristically represent the Dynamic, Emergent Separation (DES) are designated by the colored lines ( green, violet, and red) in the above image. The green vector is referred to as the gravitational vector, “Vg”; the violet vector is referred to as the inertial vector, “Vi”; and, the red vectors are referred to as the radial vectors.


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