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"Dark" matter: its etiology

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  • "Dark" matter: its etiology

    "Dark" matter: its etiology

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    This post is in memoriam: Fritz Zwicky [1898-1974]

    "Dark" matter is referred to as an Ultron, which is a fully evolved Pulsoid.

    Ultrons are proto-atoms.

    Ultrons form when Pulsoids evolve to near the locus of Infinity. The, heuristic, morphing of an elongating ellipsoid to a near sphere is a counter-intuitive, relativistic phenomenon.

    Ultrons are "dark" because all of its internal energy (light) reflects and resonates internally between Soloids/Resoloids (analogous to quarks) that are arranged in groups in the manner of a tetrahedron.

    It is "dark" matter that is responsible for the primary action of gravitational "attraction: Relative, Hierarchic Compression; and, its opposite and equal reaction, Cosmic Inertia.
    Dark Matter Made Visible
    There's far more to the universe than meets the eye.
    By Alex Stone
    DISCOVER Vol. 27 No. 11, November 2006, Space (Internet: Physics & Math, November 13, 2006)

    "Most of the universe, it may surprise you to know, is invisible. About 80 percent of all matter is "dark," emitting no light and interacting with normal matter only through gravity. Or that's what physicists have long suspected, without direct proof. Then two massive colliding galaxy clusters in the constellation Carina caught the attention of Marusa Bradac of the Kavli Institute at Stanford University and her colleagues, who saw this cosmic smashup as a chance to watch dark matter in action.

    Bradac and her colleagues compared X-ray pictures of visible matter in the clusters with measurements of their total mass. As the clusters collided, the visible matter (red) appeared to be kicked out of alignment with the overall mass (blue). If dark matter didn't exist, the separation in the image couldn't occur. "The visible matter gets stuck there, whereas the dark matter goes through unaffected," she says.

    Until now, the best evidence for dark matter was that the orbital speeds of stars in a galaxy do not fall off with increasing distance from the galaxy’s center, as would seem to be necessary to keep the stars from fling off into space. The fact that the galaxies hold together suggests that unseen mass provides the gravity to hold them together. Some researchers have sought to explain the steady orbital speed with alternative theories of gravity; but, it is unlikely that anything other than dark matter can explain the new observations. “It’s pretty conclusive,” Bradac says.

    Meanwhile, particle physicists are trying to detect dark matter on Earth. “There are dark-matter particles around you and me right now,” Bradac says. “It’s likely they will be detected in the next five years.”
    Also See: Dark matter.
    And: NASA News Release, August 21, 2006.

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