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Gravity . . . as it really is.

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  • Gravity . . . as it really is.

    Gravity . . . as it really is.

    Gravity (G), because of its true etiology/genesis is a counter-intuitive, common, secondary force that gives the appearance of operating equally from Infinity: that is, from the infinite as well as the infinitesimal in accordance with the inverse of distance and directly between all disparate mass; gravity’s acceleration is a function of changing distance.

    Thus, the observed acceleration of galactic recession as the galaxies “fall” toward the infinite.

    Though, gravity’s illusion is attraction-at-a-distance; gravity (G) is the reaction of a force that pushes in contact with its object in the manner of all other forces.

    And, thus, Einstein’s general relativity (GR) has never required a cosmological constant. Rather, Einstein should have simply recognized the dual nature of Infinity and the counter-intuitive illusion of gravity (G) as a reaction to the fundamental, universal phenomenon of seminal, emergent motion . . . then, added an equal reciprocal force.

    Gravity (G) as a dual reciprocal, complex, dynamic, reactionary, force that is the resultant of emergent phenomena is easily understood in accordance with all the principles of IPSO.

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