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The Pulsoid Theorem: v = εP˛

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  • The Pulsoid Theorem: v = εP˛

    The Pulsoid Theorem

    v = εP˛

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    Legend: The orange lines represent the vectors, "v"; the arrows represent the Pulse, "P"; and, εpsilon, "ε," is the difference between the Pulse, "P," and the key, "K," which is the hypotenuse radius (radius of inscribed circles).

    For any elliptical shape, when the Pulse is a Natural integer greater than the Elliptical Constant, "ε," all lines that are shown, above, are integers except the amplitudes (one-half the minor diameters that are the green Lines HC and H'C). The amplitude, "a," of the obtuse (inner) ellipse is an integer when the Pulse, "P," is any multiple of an integer hypotenuse, "h," (Line AB) of an obtuse ellipse.
    The Pulsoid Theorem describes the separation of a dimensionless point and a dimensionless sphere through an unending, pulsing cycle of infinite to infinitesimal motion.

    The dynamic resultant of said separation is the the seminal quantum, or . . . Pulsoid.

    The Pulsoid Theorem, v = εP˛, demonstrates why E= mc˛.

    It is the continuous generation and dissipation of seminal quanta that is the “fabric” that manifests as all the phenomena of Reality: dimensions, forces, matter . . . consciousness.

    “v” and “P” symbolize, respectively, the vector and Pulse of an ellipsoid that is heuristically described by an ellipse that is a cross-section through its major diameter (major axis of rotation).

    “ε” is εpsilon, the Elliptical Constant.

    The concept of the Pulse, “P,” and Elliptical Constant, “ε,” are both quite original and unique to Pulsoid Theory; they and central to Unimetry; they are crucial concepts for not only unifying all Natural phenomena; but, also, for demonstrating the Natural source of mathematics and the universal Proof of One (PoO).

    "Pulse" is the major component of the neologism "Pulsoid" as in Pulsoid Theory.

    The Pulse, "P," must be equal to or greater than the Elliptical Constant, “ε.” If the Pulse, "p," is equal to the Elliptical Constant, “ε,” or infinite, then, there is, respectively, a circle or a line; and, thus, no vector, "v," which means no ellipse or ellipsoid . . . no quantum . . . nothing to exist.

    The Pulse, "P," simultaneously emanates from the center of a sphere (the dimensionless point) and from diametrically opposed points in the surface of said (dimensionless) sphere to the center. The vectors, "v," are from the leading points of the Pulses, "P," to a line perpendicular to the axis which is determined by the spin imparted by the spin of preceding quanta.

    There are four Pulses, "P," and four vectors, "v," that constitute an Emergent Ellipse. When the vectors, "v," equal the wave (two solitons), "w," the ellipse is an equilateral ellipse and their is a harmony that forms a resonance that is the first Resoloid with a radius that is equal to εpsilon, "ε," the Elliptical Constant. The salient structural parts of an equilateral ellipse are multiples of the Elliptical Constant and establish the Natural integers that are the foundation of mathematics.

    The Resoloid acquires motion from the ellipsoidal "envelope" which creates a temporary interruption that is the "tick" of fundamental, intrinsic time; with time there is speed of angular momentum of the Resoloid and its ellipsoidal "envelope," which is inversely proportional to the frequency of the Pulse, which is proportional to the subsequent compression of the quantum.

    When the Pulse, "P," is a Natural integer, all the salient structural parts of any ellipse are multiples; and, thus, also Natural integers.

    The Resoloids that are created from the harmony of the Natural integers with each Pulse are the fermions and bosons of current, conventional physics theory. Bosons are the Resoloids that form at the radius of obtuse emergent ellipsoids; fermions form the Resoloids that form over one another at the center of both obtuse and acute Emergent Ellipsoids.

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