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A universal Proof of One (PoO)

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  • A universal Proof of One (PoO)

    A universal Proof of One (PoO)

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    This post is in memoriam: Kurt Gödel [1906-1978]

    There is a Proof of One (PoO), which is a simple, universal constant that applies to all systems, including the propagation of Light and the emergence of mass; and, that is system dependent.

    The Natural PoO is, ultimately, dependent upon the Elliptical Constant.

    However, there is an elegant simple geometric construction that requires only Geometry 101.

    This constant is derived from any two Natural integer values of any system, and simple geometry.

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    The Proof of One refutes Kurt Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorems.

    For more detail, see:

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