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The Inverse Square Law (ISL)

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  • The Inverse Square Law (ISL)

    The Inverse Square Law (ISL)

    The Inverse Square Law (ISL) is a concept that, prior to Pulsoid Theory (PT), has been universally accepted without describing its source other than circularly; as it is with all the standard model dimensions. The “Why?” of the ISL is only definable with an understanding of the Dynamic Hyper-relativistic Vectors (DHV) and their separation, which is described by the Pulsoid Theorem, v =εP˛.

    The Inverse Square Law (ISL) is, heuristically, a function of the vector, "v," which is a function of the Pulse, "P," of an Emergent Ellipsoid (EEd). The vector is a function of the proportion between a spheroid's surface and its radius.

    It is the length of the vectors that are preserved that establishes orthogonality . . . the three orthogonal dimensions.

    The formula for the vector, where "P," is any Natural number is: P˛. Thus, the vector length proportional to the Pulse, reflects the square component of the Inverse Square Law (ISL). The inverse component is a reflection of the relativistic effect of expansion vs. diminished speed.

    The ISL is an immediate, fundamental occurrence as a dimensionless point and a dimensionless sphere separate (DES) while, thus, creating a seminal quantum.

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