Zimmerman Acquitted in Trayvon Martin Case
In the United States of America is there diminished justice for “minorities”?

George Zimmerman, far right, stands for the judge's arrival with,
from left, assistant state attorney John Guy (partially in photo),
defense attorney Mark O’Mara and co-defense counsel Don West.
Seminal Circuit Court in Sanford, Florida, June 24, 2013.

What an embarrassing day for American justice; particularly, concerning the state of Florida’s criminal code.

The injustice, travesty, and shame may well hang over all the citizens of the United States for many generations . . . if not for perpetuity.

Those that don’t recognize the injustice . . . are the problem; as are, those that do recognize the injustice of Florida laws and the intolerance of many Floridians; and, they must equally bear the shame of non-peer jurors and a faux prosecution, also, of non-peers.

The fault lies with all Americans that have let states’ rights and the Supreme Court compromise the Constitution and Bill of Rights of the U.S.A.

Today is the culmination of many forces that began to turn the “ship of state” toward inequality and injustice beginning with President Ronald Reagan's Administration, which started the earnest and deliberate removal of the government regulations that set the “fairness” of the United States apart from all other nations.

Since the early 1980’s, the moral authority of the U.S.A has been rapidly deteriorating as the rest of the world rapidly progresses.

Each citizen of the United States must/should ask themselves: Why?