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God is a Myth!

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  • God is a Myth!

    God is a Myth!

    Reviewed from a blogger's website. This website contains some thoughtful 21st Century wisdom concerning ancient doctrine that others may want to comment upon.

    The blogger's avatar is "Chatpilot" and the blogsite is

    A snippet from the blogger's profile:
    From 1990-1994 I was a Pentecostal evangelist from a very fundamentalist literalist church. At the time I believed I was saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost! In those days I lived, ate, and slept the gospel. During the week I was in church on Tuesdays Thursdays, and Sunday's. On Saturday and Sunday I was usually on one of two of Brooklyn, NY street corners preaching the gospel with my partner in the ministry.
    Some selected comments from the blog site:
    "I have decided to write a blog where I share my thoughts and ideas about Christianity in general and the biblical God."

    "One of the many features of faith is that no matter how ridiculous a story or an idea may be, it is possible through faith and therefore doesn't require a rational explanation. As a believer I often came across nonbelievers who posed the question "if God made man then who made God?" I would often refer to the above texts or others that were similar to it. My defense was that God was not created that he just is. I could not think beyond God nor did it ever occur to me delve into the origins of God's existence."

    "At the time I knew nothing of logical reasoning or philosophy and was completely unaware that by using the Bible and its contents as evidence was nothing more than circular reasoning. It never occurred to me to question the origins of the Bible, who wrote it, how was it composed, compiled, and edited etc. I simply believed that it was the inerrant and wholly inspired word of God. The Bible itself was a witness of itself and the many claims made within its pages."

    "A theist does not reason beyond his/her faith. They go to the edge of enquiry and when they reach that point they turn around."
    For those interested, much more to read is available at: