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Speed Painting . . . MOST unusual!

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  • Speed Painting . . . MOST unusual!

    D21 Speed Painting . . . MOST unusual!

    Thanks to Sandysue for passing this along.
    Speed Painting

    by Master speed-painter D. Westry
    Who shows off his creative skills during the
    "Anderson's Viewers Got Talent" competition.

    At first I thought this painting was nothing
    and going nowhere...until the very last second.

    Viewing takes less than 2 minutes.
    I bet you won't guess what this man is painting!
    I had to watch it a second time to see how he did it.

    The artist who did this painting is AMAZING.

    By "Clicking" the below line, watch the Speed Painter:

    "Click" this line

    Then, if you Enjoyed, forward (copy and paste) the below link
    to your Family and Friends;
    so, they can also ENJOY; and know what you ENJOY!

    If you SMILED, share the SMILE with those you care about.