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The GRAND Grand Canyon

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  • The GRAND Grand Canyon

    D21 The GRAND Grand Canyon

    Thanks to Sandysue for passing this along from “”

    No matter how many times you gaze at the gorgeous Grand Canyon in Arizona, it will look slightly different depending upon the play of sunlight and shadows on the multicolored rock walls.

    The Grand Canyon is 277 miles long, about a mile deep, and up to 18 miles wide, there are almost limitless places to take photos.

    The Colorado River is believed to have carved out the steep canyon over 17 million years ago.

    As one of the world’s most spectacular natural attractions, Grand Canyon National Park has more than 5 million visitors per year. It’s a finalist in the New 7 wonders of nature competition.

    The Grand Canyon is an outdoor adventurers delight and highly recommended for visiting at least once in a lifetime. Seeing the power and grandeur of nature at the Grand Canyon can often change a life.

    4 U.S. Air Force Northrop F-5E Tiger II fighters from
    the 58th Tactical Fighter Wing at Luke Air Force Base, Arizona (USA),
    flying in an echelon left formation over the Grand Canyon
    Photo by Camera Operator: TSgt Bob Simons, USAF

    Ancestral Puebloan granaries high above the Colorado River
    at Nankoweap Creek
    Photo by Drenaline

    Grand Canyon Horse Shoe Bend
    Photo by Christian Mehlf├╝hrer

    Grand Canyon Walls HD
    Photo by WallpaperWeb

    Grand Canyon Colors of the Earth
    Photo by OilBac

    Devil’s Corkscrew – Bright Angel Trail – Grand Canyon
    Photo by Al_HikesAZ

    Little red dot against the Grand Canyon
    Photo by Eva Prokop

    Grand Canyon Arizona
    Photo by Ignacio Izquierdo

    Cheyava Falls upper cascade
    Photo by Al_HikesAZ

    Full Moon over the Grand Canyon
    Photo by Matthew Hunt

    Beginning a new day rafting the Colorado River
    Photo by Al_HikesAZ

    Ooh-Aah Point view – storm clouds gathering
    Photo by Al_HikesAZ

    View to southeast from Clear Creek Camp
    Photo by Al_HikesAZ

    Grand Canyon
    Photo by Ignacio Izquierdo

    Grand Canyon
    Photo by Tenji

    Grand Canyon National Park
    Photo by Doug Dolde

    Mountain goat – Bighorn, Grand Canyon
    Photo by Marcin Wichary from San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

    Upper Beaver Falls from trail – Grand Canyon
    Photo by Al_HikesAZ

    Comanche Point, on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, above the Colorado River
    Photo by Doc Searls from Santa Barbara, USA

    Grand Canyon – behind Ribbon Falls
    Photo by Al_HikesAZ

    Grand Canyon view from Hermit’s Rest
    Photo by chensiyuan

    Grand Canyon taken from Bright Ange
    Photo by Tomas Castelazo

    Mount Hayden and storm – Grand Canyon North Rim
    Photo by Al_HikesAZ

    Grand Canyon West – Guano Point
    Photo by Bbarnucz

    Colorado River – Grand Canyon
    Photo by Wolfgang Staudt

    Muddy whitewater rafting Grand Canyon
    Photo by MolallaRiverCowboy

    Colorado River, Marble Canyon marks the beginning of the Grand Canyon
    Photo by Joshua M.

    Grand Canyon North Rim Panorama
    Photo by Jeff Turner from Santa Clarita, CA, United States

    Mount Hayden, North Rim Grand Canyon
    Photo by James Marvin Phelps from USA

    Grand Canyon National Park – Arizona
    Photo by Poco a poco

    Grand Canyon landscape
    Photo by High Contrast

    Grand Canyon in Winter
    Photo by Pescaiolo

    Grand Canyon in Arizona, United States
    Photo by TFCforever

    Skywalk at the Grand Canyon
    Photo by Purple

    Havasu Falls – a waterfall located on the
    Havasupai Indian Reservation in the Grand Canyon
    Photo by Photography Match

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