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  • - A website to improve your writing skills

    This is an interactive website for writers and those that want to be.

    Certainly, the website can be helpful in developing your skills if you only e-mail friends, post in forums, or Blog. But, also quite helpful for the hobby writer, those that write genealogic anecdotes . . . or, would actually like to be published.

    Following is a comment taken from “saikila800” at another forum:
    ”Passion is the source of energy and willingness to make the things go on the path you want. I have myself not been a good writer but recently I have joined a community which is making things happen.

    Here we write stories which go through and are ranked by amateurs and professionals which help us to know a layman’s view as well as a master’s view on the subject.

    Later, the best is submitted to a large directory which is a collection of chapters. In this way it helps us to polish our skills and make the best come out. I would certainly advice you to make a presence here as your mountains and valleys will be met at a single place.”
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