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    Emergent Expansion (EX)

    Emergent Expansion (EX) is a phenomenon that manifests as the both the illusion of gravitational attraction and Cosmic repulsion dependent upon the duality of its source, which is Infinity.

    EX is the salient component of Cosmic Inertia (CI) and Relative, Hierarchic Compression (RHC), which underlies the universal "push" of mass towards both the infinite and the infinitesimal.

    EX is the phenomenon that refers to the beginning, or emergence, from the infinitesimal and infinite, of a Pulsoid between other recent emergent Pulsoids. As the most recent emergent Pulsoids slows and expands as it moves away from Infinity, it "pushes" those three Pulsoids that are in closest contact.

    Heuristically, the emergence of a Pulsoid, the seminal quanta, is somewhat illustrated in two-dimensions by Tini Circle Groups.

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