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    The Theoretical Physicist

    Patent Clerk

    This post is in memoriam: Albert Einstein [1879-1955]

    All below quotations are those of Albert Einstein:

    is more important
    than knowledge.

    If at first the idea is not absurd,
    then there is no hope for it.

    It gives me great pleasure indeed
    to see the stubbornness of
    an incorrigible nonconformist
    warmly acclaimed.

    Nothing that I can do
    will change the structure
    of the universe.

    But maybe,
    by raising my voice,
    I can help the greatest of all causes
    — goodwill among men
    and peace on earth.

    And, lastly, the favorite of Mario Rabinowitz:

    It is not enough
    that you should understand

    Concern for man...and his fate
    must always form the chief interest
    of order that
    the creations of our mind
    shall be a blessing and not a curse...

    Never forget this...

    Albert Einstein [1878-1955]
    Address, CalTech 1931

    The Theoretical Physicist

    The theoretical physicist addresses observed and/or quantitative phenomena that are irreconcilable with accepted theory or otherwise inexplicable.

    A theoretical physicist must thoroughly understand pure arithmetic and the fundamental concepts of force, motion, and logic because such is the source of symmetry, simplicity, beauty, and, ultimately, all truth.

    Then, a theoretical physicist must dream, using imagination and gedankens to rationalize prior observation, theory, enigmas, and wisdom to reconcile with the irreconcilable such to evolve “new theory.”

    And then, “new theory” should be expressed geometrically, and then algebraically . . . always looking for the logic of Nature, which is simplicity and integers as indicators of truth.

    When such simplicity is found, it must be reexamined for a match with observation and logic to explain that which has been inexplicable.

    At this point, if much appears reconcilable with what is “apparently” known, the theoretical physicist has completed the theory; it is now the work of the researcher and engineer to test the theory; often with sophisticated tools of observation and scientific method.

    All salient hypotheses of Pulsoid Theory (PT) have been so tested.

    The most compelling proofs are counter-intuitive rationalizations and observations concerning that for which there has been no theory; examples are: the photon effect of wave versus particle; an explanation for the number of salient subatomic particles; the speed and source of the gravitational effect; the acceleration of galactic recession; the forces that “put” and compress the tremendous energy into an atom and the bonds that hold that energy within the atom; the forces that “hang” the otherwise unsupported structures within the Cosmos; the source and destination of all conserved energy; etc., etc.

    As an example: much of Pulsoid Theory can be distilled to the internal, geometrical structure of a light wave, the universal, system-dependent, geometrical Proof of One, and the algebraic expression of the Elliptical Constant.

    Eschewing sophistication: a pencil, 3 by 5 cards, a slide rule, and a canoe are often invaluable tools for the theoretical physicist.

    Ideal physics theory incorporates completeness, symmetry, and simplicity, which are fine definitions for philosophical beauty.

    Pomo, academic, theoretical physics is contrived, irreconcilable, flawed; and, its fundamental concepts are entirely based upon metaphysics. What else can be the situation when academic, theoretical physics depends upon a mathematical description of motion, which is dependent upon orthogonal dimensions; speed, which depends upon time . . . and, all dimensions including time are ill-defined or undefined and the mathematics is academically unprovable.

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