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AdminGal 01-02-2015 09:32 PM

A Teenager's Babushka
A Teenager's Babushka
winter solstice Ode for Janet

Once again, it's that merry holiday season.
For many, it's Good Will for all,
mistletoe's cheerful anticipation,
a rollicking Santa Claus, who's
. . . mostly for kids.

Looking way back, 'bout 70 years, to
an exciting Lakewood winter; sledding
down Harding's and Sharky's slopes,
snow balls, snow men, snow forts,
Christmas trees, and twinkling lights.

NOW, what I remember, MOST CLEARLY:
her navy peacoat; topped with a smile,
rosy cheeks, sparkling eyes, framed by
blond curls; all nicely wrapped within
. . . a white babushka.

Paul, 2014

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