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Default There is a deep, common relationship among the Tini Circle Group integers . . .

Originally Posted by Midgar
I'm not quite sure I understand. Could you perhaps illustrate what you mean using one of the diagrams?

There is a deep, common relationship among the Tini Circle Group integers such that by changing any curvature integer by a single integer, or any value, the entire array collapses.

(If no image appears below, "Click" your browser "Refresh" icon.)
In the above diagram, I have arbitrarily chosen the adjacent, tangent curvatures of 156, 182, 254, and 1268, near the top center.

The highest relationship is that when each of the selected integer numbers is squared (24,336, 33,124, 64,516, and 1,607,824) they total exactly 1,729,800.

And, when the same selected numbers are added (156 + 182 + 254 + 1268) they equal 1,860.

If 1,860 is squared (3,459,600) and divided by 2, it is exactly the same integer 1,729,800.

The same process will yield equal integer values, regardless which four tangent circles you select. And, arrays can be constructed such that the smallest integer value of an array can be any integer.

This demonstrates a complex, unique, integer, relationship between tangent circles (special ellipses) that extends to the Natural arrangement of fundamental quanta, which have an outer ellipsoidal "envelope" that becomes spherical after a relatively few pulses and subsequent compression.

The "Natural arrangement" of quanta is such that there is never any "empty" space.

"Space" quanta (the Dyosphere) and fundamental, Intrinsic time (FIT) redefines Einstein's space-time.
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