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Default Note On Digital Photos

By 2007/2008, as I inched my way annalistically/incrementally to the age of 65 and as my last particular photo album was becoming filled to its maximum intake, people in my world were beginning to send digital photos, enough to begin to fill this and future photograph albums to overflowing. Those who could afford it, and who had the interest, in the first years of this new millennium, had begun to make videos of their family/personal lives; still others had telephones with visual images of the person they were talking to. There were large screen TVs, computer monitors, CDs, mini-discs, indeed, a cornucopia of new technology that was making the old world of the photograph in an album, the idea of keeping even the digital photo in an album, somewhat passe even declasse.1

Time would tell just how I would respond to this change, this diversification, this amplification, in the technology of photography that had insensibly altered the rationale for the very existence of the old photo album. Photo albums had been delighting the eye, had been part of my memorabilia, for well nigh 60 years. As I write these words, fifteen months short of my 65th birthday, I have decided to continue to put digitals photo in this and future albums on the same basis as those photos from cameras that I and my family have been doing since early in the 20th century.-Ron Price, 18 April 2008.

(1one rarely sees this word, declasse--acute accent on the last e--in literature these days, but it seems applicable here; it means lowered in social significance, relevance and standing.)
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