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Default Re: Food for thought.

Originally Posted by Train View Post
Well I'd like to share some fascinating websites I've found that bring up ideas that are definitely NOT what we learned in school. The first is about alternately powered automobiles.
It is difficult to believe that with the current oil-based infrastructure that the special interests – that control our lobbyist, oligarchy government – have invested in that such an automobile could become a reality in the foreseeable future.

Originally Posted by Train View Post
And, the second site tells a very different version of the Manhatten Project than what we were told.
Our government lied to most all the leaders of the Manhattan project concerning Germany’s progress. Most all the key Americans on the project did not want America to be the sole power with the knowledge. Especially, as America has been the only country to drop the bomb, unnecessarily, on civilians.

Originally Posted by Train View Post
I don't expect anyone to like some of the politics in the second site, but WHAT IF IT'S TRUE?? The implications are mind-boggling.
Dialogue leading to Truth is good.

What do you have to say about Building 7 on 9/11??

And, do you have any photos of the plane that hit the empty portion of the Pentagon on 9/11?
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