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Conceptualism A rationalization that Science, Theology, and Philosophy are One.

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Default The Singularity

D21 The Singularity

The Singularity
By Definition there is only a single Singularity, which of course precludes multiple Universes, if the Universe is defined as congruent with Reality; that is, congruent with the locus of Infinity.

Reality is perpetual; a tenet of Philosophical Logic (Philogic).

There can be no other valid definition of the Universe; as there can be no definition of that which the Universe – being all that exists – is within.

Such argument also precludes the possibility of a "Big Bang"; or, any other theory that depends upon a beginning or ending of Reality.

Extending the argument a bit, also demonstrates the ludicrousness of any form of Black Holes. Black Holes are a figment of the imagination of theoretical physicists that have over-extended Einstein's equations of General Relativity, which equations were presented well before physicists and cosmologists were aware of the Universe's expansion . . . not to mention, the acceptance of accelerating expansion some 75 years later.

One can only wonder how academia has accepted General Relativity and the Big Bang as the pre-eminent theories of cosmic motion when one considers their simplistic symbolism of Nature's complexity. No wonder academic theoretical physic's paradoxical enigmas; one of multitudes is Cosmic Entanglement.

Actually the answer is not too difficult. Physicists dare not tread beyond the limits of their axiom-based theories. That is, the discipline of Theoretical Physics has NO first-postulate. And, thus, Academia has no other Standard Model explanation/force than the Big Bang to explain what force opposes gravity (which gravity is also ludicrous as "attraction-at-a-distance." Engineers understand that a force must act directly upon its object.)

General Relativity (GR) is brilliant with several Natural insights; truly the work of a genius. However, GR remains as merely symbolism.

Theoretical physicists must come to accept that the discipline of Philogic trumps the geometry and mathematics of their trade.
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