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Definitions, Index, and General Information Precisely defined words and nelogisms indicated within Pulsoid Theory with unusual formatting.

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Old 03-21-2008, 08:32 PM
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Default Relative, Hierarchic Compression (RHC)

Relative, Hierarchic Compression (RHC)

Relative, Hierarchic Compression (RHC) is a term that describes one of the phenomena that gives the illusion of gravitational attraction-at-a-distance.

RHC is observable as the force that accounts for the apparent enigmas of galactic cohesion; accelerating, galactic recession; the Pioneer anomaly; and other similar enigmas; as well as, explaining why local objects are attracted (fall) to the Earth.

RHC supplants the six forces (mutual: reach, grasp, and pull) that conventional theories of gravitational attraction imply are involved when two bodies are attracted toward one another. RHC acts in a straight forward, mechanical manner consistent with the concepts of conventional forces.

RHC is a quantum gravity theory that is a consequence of the continual formation of “dark” matter, (Ultrons), proto-atomic quanta, as Pulsoids morph from ellipsoids to spheres (Taisoids). Because all radiant energy is internally reflected (no energy escapes or enters the complex quantum) the phenomenon of the Pauli Exclusion Principle (PEP) is operational. As the formation of Ultrons is continuous, there is continual, accelerating compression until a point of Critical Compression is reached, which is observed as gamma-ray bursts and quasars depending upon the mass involved. And, of course, the quasars (galactic nuclei) evolve to galaxies.

Thus, much of gravitational "attraction" phenomena can be removed from the realm of metaphysics.

Confluent Congruence (CC) is another aspect of the gravitational effect.

Can there be any other possible rationalization for the gravitational phenomenon???

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