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The Natural function, Psi, Ψ, x x (NF)

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  • The Natural function, Psi, Ψ, x x (NF)

    The Natural function, Psi, Ψ, x x (NF)

    The Natural function, Psi, Ψ, x x (NF) is found within every manifestation of Nature.

    The Natural Function, Psi, Ψ, x x (NF) and the Elliptical Constant (EC) are to physics what the double helix and DNA are to biology.

    The Natural function, Psi, Ψ, x x (NF) is represented by the soliton, which is one-half of a wave (crest or trough). A wave is, heuristically, the distance between the foci of a Conceptual Ellipse (nuclear or orbital).

    It is the phase of the solitons cyclic pulse that accounts for the subatomic particle's fundamental phenomenon of "charge."

    It is the NF and the Elliptical Constant (EC), as heuristically demonstrated by the Brunardot Ellipses (BE), that establishes the harmony that accounts for the resonance that accounts for the interruptions that manifests as fundamental, intrinsic time (FIT).

    The equation for the NF, Psi, Ψ, where "x," is any Natural integer is:

    Psi, Ψ,= x x

    Within the Pulsoid, heuristically described by the Emergent Ellipsoid (EEd), the major radial, m, is the NF, P P (where x is the Pulse, P,) plus the Pulse, "P." And the major radial, m, equals the vector, "v." (v = P; and ε = One, thus the Pulsoid Theorem, v = εP)

    The NF illustrates/explains, with integer paired numbers, why there is no antimatter (negative matter} within Reality.

    The antimatter "observed" in cyclotrons is a misinterpretation of the data.

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