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Pedloid, a descriptive acronym, somewhat analogous to a photon.

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  • Pedloid, a descriptive acronym, somewhat analogous to a photon.

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    Pedloid is a descriptive acronym, somewhat analogous to a photon.

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    This post is in memoriam: Richard P. Feynman [1918-1988]

    There is no harm in doubt and skepticism,
    for it is through these that new discoveries are made.

    Richard Feynman,
    Letter to Armando Garcia J, December 11, 1985

    The term “Pedloid” is a Pulsoid Theory acronym for: Pulsing, Ejected, Dissipating Resoloid, which is somewhat analogous to the ill-defined photon.

    Resoloids, before ejection from the dual ellipsoidal envelopes of a Pulsoid, manifest as mass and are a serendipitous consequence of eight fundamental oscillations. The Pedloid, itself, endlessly oscillates between the Universal infinitesimal and infinite. Thus the nine oscillations of Oscillation Theory.

    There is a need for a specific Pulsoid Theory term for the photon because: no one seems to know exactly what a photon is.

    Academic Standard Model theoretical physics defines a photon as either a particle or a wave . . . It is difficult to imagine two descriptions, particle and wave, that could possibly be more disparate. No one seems to know where photons come from or where they go to. Or, what is the source of the highly complex, sometimes metaphysical, illogical actions of the photon as described by the Standard Model theory of academic theoretical physics.

    Pedloids, as they gradually dissipate while their loci increase, decelerate at a rate that is so minute that it is difficult to observe.

    Unlike photons, Pedloids are not constant in speed. Nor, do Pedloids know any speed limits other than the duality of Infinity.

    Richard P. Feynman’s theory of QED (quantum electrodynamics) does much to illustrate the often inexplicable complexity of Light.

    Concerning Feynman and salient aspects of QED, as reported in “Wikipedia,” Feynman points out that the theory fails totally to explain why particles such as the electron have the masses that they do.

    "There is no theory that adequately explains these numbers.
    We use the numbers in all our theories,
    but we don't understand them – what they are,
    or where they come from.
    I believe that from a fundamental point of view,
    this is a very interesting and serious problem.”

    Feynman…remained unhappy…calling it a "dippy process."

    [A side note: Until the Natural source of “numbers” is logically understood, Feynman’s concern is applicable to all physic’s theories.]

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