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Conceptualism A rationalization that Science, Theology, and Philosophy are One.

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Default Conceptualism and the Conceptualist

Conceptualism and the Conceptualist

Conceptualism states:
Science, Theology, and Philosophy
are a single discipline.

Conceptualism is a total
belief system that requires
only a minuscule of faith that
there is hyper-relativistic,
complex, oscillating motion
between the dualities of Infinity,
that manifests as all phenomena.

That is: something moves
in a manner that reflects the
duality of Infinity . . .
and the Inverse Square Law.

Conceptualism is a philosophy for everyone.

Conceptualism has the purpose of minimalizing any requirement for faith.

Conceptualism's manifesto is the unification of Science Theology, and Philosophy.

One could even speculate that Conceptualism is a personal creed that supports the concept that:

No person can come between another person and that person's god;

thus, Conceptualism is an ideal conceptual superstructure for anyone that deeply contemplates any intellectual discipline; one might say that Conceptualism is a sort of "thinking person's personal religion."

Conceptualism is based upon the principles of IPSO and II.

Conceptualism strongly promotes an unstructured, curiosity driven, socractic education, with a minimalization of rote, stress, and contrived achievement goals.

Conceptualism is a Natural belief system with its foundation found within the fundamental concepts of Pulsoid Theory.

A Conceptualist is a person that makes an effort to practice Conceptualism.

A Conceptualist lives without faith beyond that which an individual can rationalize.

A Conceptualist lives with a belief in a god that can be known; a god that is without any anthropoidal qualities; and thus, a god that cannot be concerned with nor have design.

A Conceptualist knows that a person’s influence lives on after death . . . not the person. It is this knowledge that strongly motivates a Conceptualist's actions.

And, a Conceptualist defines god as the concept which creates all that exists.
There is one Universe.
........It is perpetual, in equilibrium;
........and, a manifestation of the
........Unified Concept; thus,

......... . . the Fundamental Postulate.


Science, Theology, and Philosophy
........are a single discipline, Philogic,
........which proclaims perpetuity
........and the nexus of Life; such is

......... . . Conceptualism.

CONCEPTUAL Applications
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Emphasizing Philogic, a discipline that overarches
Science, Theology, and Philosophy (STP)

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