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    This post is dedicated to:
    Murray Gell-Mann
    [September 15, 1929 -
    "...a method of procedure would be ideal, if it permitted us to explain the meaning of every expression occurring in this justify each of its assertions.

    ...In fact, when one tries to explain the meaning... We...have the beginning of a process which can never be brought to an end..."
    ........-Alfred Tarski
    .............Introduction to Logic, 1941

    Most physicists use quantum theory...for calculating results and don't trouble themselves about "reality."
    ........-Nick Herbert
    .............Quantum Reality, 1985
    A Phorb is a Reasonable Quark.

    At the transition from seminal motion to mass lies the Phorb, which is a simple Resoloid the first evolved phenomenon that manifests as mass. The Rosetta Stone of Reality.

    Why is it that particle physicists, particularly the dynamicists, cannot put aside their Big Bang bias of free and virtual radiants and particles; which are so enigmatic, non-intuitive, and contradictory; and see the elegance of quarks?

    Quarks are the first manifestation of mass . . . the progenitor of the phenomena that manifests as Gravity.

    . . . quarks are an important step in the etiology of life.

    Actually, all the elegance of quarks belongs to Phorbs.

    Phorbs are a more descriptive term than quarks; quarks abound with strangeness and indecisiveness; from their labeling through their theory.

    Phorbs are neither anfractuous, nor a priori . . . nor does the term carry the connotations of casuistic, specious sophistry . . . calculated bumbling. Who can say they've seen this percept labeled quark?; or, its coconspirator: the gluon? . . . these phantasmals at the very heart of modern physics.

    And yet, the Phorb with all its similarity to a quark . . . does exist; as do we; even if only in the illusional channels and feedback of our mind.

    Quarks are masked from reason within their own profundity. Phorbs are describably clear in their form and etiology, which is the mathematical certainty of solitons and ellipses.

    Why is quantum mechanics so tied to the absurdities of fractured "positive" and "negative" charges?; charge being a label invented by man; as if a wave can propagate in portions; thirds by two-thirds, first forward, then backward? Insanity!

    And, why the entire stable of supporting characters when all but the mare and stallion are charlatans? Only "up" and "down," and their resultant, complex curves that are beyond any man-made calculus, are significant; all else merely modifies. Seek simplicity . . . not complexity.

    Why are protons, a real relic misnomer, more stable relative to the stability of "free" neutrons? Might it be that a structure of "three" components is stronger than "four" components? And, wherefore four? And, I say, "whyfore" three? If not four Phorbs, the boson/fermion ratio would be nevermore; as would be all atomic structure; it would be like two snakes joined with one head.

    One would think electrons just floated . . . backward . . . into existence from the "bang" . . . a "singularity". . . which, with a single "push," is purported to have imparted acceleration; and all structural force that is opposed to "gravity" ? ? ?

    A "singularity" within Reality is a "bangers' " fancy way of laying on a god when all reason fails.

    The number of related Phorbs, four, are a function of the creation of Pulsoids from three forms of simple oscillation (vibration, slide, and swing). Actually; there are no Phorbs until there are sixteen solitons; solitons, a form of resonance from seminal motion, form in sixteens's from eight waves generated by the three forms of oscillation. Solitons are grouped by eight; and, then, by four; it can be said that the four solitons that comprise a Phorb are: two solitons up and two down . . . or vice versa.

    The concepts of the Phorb and soliton are a diacritical sine qua non between the atomic "world" and the radiant "world."

    The Phorb does away with the absurdity of gluons, fractional charges, and "strong" and "weak" forces; while moving quantum physics from mystical voodoo to a more mechanical Reality; all within the realm of Einstein's relativity. Even Murray Gell-Mann must be unhappy with the present state of quantum affairs with its fractional charges: without tortuous application, nothing reconciles with logic, relativity, and Reality . . . and sensibility. As Sir Walter Scott observed, "Oh, what a tangled web we weave."

    The answers to all this probing are obvious, elegant . . . and simple.

    Ponder thus. . .
    The answer was obvious in 1955 and required: minimal mathematical skill beyond limits, infinities, a bit of algebra and geometry, some theory of early Einstein; and, the indication of a proof from C. A. Bjerknes that is now more than 100 years old. And most importantly, unnecessary were concepts of a banging singularity; perpetual, straight, uniform motion; and, "gobbledy-gookian" quanta and photons that so assault commonsense.

    Removing the banging singularity bias alleviates . . . until truth becomes apparent . . . the mysteries of exotic "dark" matter; and, what the bang was in when it banged. The consequent freedom of mental abstraction and the subsequent shoring of minuscule faith; it is not unlike the experience of removing the contrived image of man from god.

    Let one man explain "why" the speed of light is a constant; bathing infinities within infinities with myriad coalescents; then physics will lose its aura of inherent mysticism. The loss will be mourned only momentarily; the freedom gained will be for all perpetuity.

    LIGHT propinquity coalesces and propagates from Phorb to Phorb, always conserving, with regenerated quaquaversal wave fronts, reaching through time, until it is one with Cosmic Inertia . . . and, then again, and again. Much, as its issue, the lineage of life, begins its way, surges and ebbs, penetrates and dies.

    Such is the way of LIGHT within the anthropic Congeneric Realm of Dissipation; LIGHT's role and fate is much different within the Congeneric Realms of Coalescence; Propagation, and Compression . . . where Phorbs are still within Ultrons and Hylotrons; destined to seek the dichotomies of Infinity . . . through the enigmas of science, as either exotic "dark" matter, gamma-ray bursts, or quasars.

    People are Reasoning Phorbs
    A simple atom is no more, nor less, than stressed Hylotrons from within an Ultron. "Hylotron" is a neologism for a "free" neutron within the Realm of Compression; a relativity arrangement of Phorbs, four under stress, that are reacting, three to one, within an Infinity zone, to the dichotomous force of Gravity's Relative, Hierarchic Compression. All other particles and forces are, thus, described with stress and trauma as the variables; no more, nor less. People, all life, are particles from stars, and elsewhere . . . that are comprised of Phorbs . . . that are forces . . . reacting from a single source . . . ONEness.

    July 4, 1992

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