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Unimetry is the geometry of the Universe

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  • Unimetry is the geometry of the Universe

    Unimetry is the geometry of the Universe
    Unimetry is the algebraic geometry of the Universe

    Unimetry is a Natural mathematics for explaining and measuring the scale and the observed phenomena and current enigmas of the Universe. Unimetry emphasizes fundamental geometry and algebra; and, is based upon:

    the Emergent Ellipsoid and the Elliptical Constant, εpsilon = One.

    Concepts of Unimetry are such as: the Brunardot Series, the Natural function, the Proof of One, the Elliptical Constant, and Triquametric motion as they relate to the four Congeneric Realms of the Equilibrium Theory of Reality (ETR).

    An example of Unimetry is the unique combination of geometry, motion, and hyper-relativistic speed of the Emergent Ellipsoid as the symbolic precursor of all structures that exist within Reality.

    Unimetry is more than geometry and algebra; Unimetry relates the source of numbers and mathematic/arithmetic manipulations to Nature. The fundamental relationship of Nature to mathematics is established, symbolically, by the Pulsoid of Pulsoid Theory, which Pulsoid as an Emergent Ellipsoid, represents nine different oscillations and their resonances/Resoloids.

    Unimetry is an algebraic, elliptic geometry that heuristically represents the seminal phenomena of Reality; and rationalizes the enigmatic, non-intuitive environment.

    Unimetry places considerable emphasis upon the study of: integers; Par numbers; solitons; and, particular ellipses (often, as circles and straight lines) and their generating right triangles; and, their generated ellipsoids and spheres.

    the geometry of the Universe,
    is Nature's geometry.

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