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  • Hope and Inspiration

    Hope and Inspiration

    Today I found the riddle’s solution:
    to what respective decorum, and order, there was,
    for Richard Feynman and Murray Gell-Mann.

    The answer was found between the two,
    upon their common ground, and so much more . . .
    Among all that is virtual, I found Reality.

    Today, my spirits were lifted;
    as must have been those of all others
    that passed by . . . and sat where I sat.

    Just maybe, because of her gentle imploring,
    that I can never forget, all will be well.
    So few reflect upon fate’s imperatives.

    No bird ever soared without an assisting breeze,
    always there, seldom seen . . . assured support.
    Maybe . . . the imagination is so; who knows?

    No longer, for me unknown, this face of fate.
    Alert, vivacious, understanding;
    likely, too little lauded . . . until now.

    Written for Helen Tuck
    March 11, 1994

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